Old Monopoly Pieces and Dice

Monopoly is undoubtedly the most popular board game in the world. First introduced in the 1930s, it still attracts households and children as well as adults. Recognizing the popularity of the Monopoly Live casino game, Evolution Gaming, renowned for its prowess in live casino games, has decided to launch a live, online adaptation of the famous board game in 2019.

Barely three months after the official release of Monopoly Live, Evolution Gaming has started to integrate it into most of the e-casino platforms it collaborates with. This rating of monopoly live casinos offer live games across various categories, making it possible to play on them. In this article, you will find the features and functionalities of this new live game from one of the biggest leaders of live games of the moment.

What is Monopoly Live Casino?

Monopoly Live marks the successful partnership between Evolution Gaming and Hasbro. It is not, strictly speaking, a casino game, although its publisher Evolution Gaming is best known as a leading live casino specialist. It is a live game inspired by the legendary world of Monopoly, as the name suggests.

The game is meant to be immersive and original. It is particularly aimed at players looking for a live game that is both fun and lucrative. Evolution Gaming’s aim is above all to offer another variant of the classic Monopoly that is more modern, entertaining, and accessible to all players. Monopoly Live casino is not only a dice game but also takes you into the glittering world of casino games.

As you can see, the atmosphere at Monopoly Live casino is just as good-natured as the family sessions you are used to when playing board games. But the difference lies in the fact that the game is played online, in the presence of a host and Mr. Monopoly himself. The games played are likely to win you nearly half a million euros. This makes Monopoly Live a live game that lets you win real money. It was even crowned Game of the Year at the EGR Operators Awards held in 2019 by EGR magazine. Quickly, the live game has captured the hearts of players and has become the second favourite game among live game enthusiasts.

The board of the classic Monopoly game with cards and dice

Monopoly Live Casino is a compendium of several games, including the classic Monopoly and Dream Catcher, a title also released by Evolution Gaming. The game is divided into two distinct parts. Firstly, there is the main game, which uses a wheel that is also present in Dream Catcher. It is placed in the first setting of the game that you can find when you start the first game. The second game of Monopoly Live is called the bonus game. During this stage, Evolution Gaming focuses on the board game side of Monopoly. The interface and rules are very similar to those of a classic Monopoly game (starting box, luck, prison, utilities, cashier, taxes, and properties).

You will be able to appreciate the talents of Evolution Gaming in this second game. The world of Monopoly is represented in a surrealistic 3D in order to put the players in total immersion in the game.

The presentation of Monopoly Live casino, in general, reflects the quality and professionalism so highly valued by the leading live game publisher. When starting the game, you will be faced with Mr. Monopoly, behind which is the aforementioned Wheel of Fortune. You will also see the publisher’s logo prominently displayed below this wheel. At the beginning of the game, you will first be redirected to windows that will allow you to learn about all the steps (4 in all) and features of the game. Once you have learned the basics and understand how Monopoly Live works, you can start the game itself.

Set in a sleek and well-crafted setting, Monopoly Live immerses you in a world that is as realistic as possible and in which the casino aspect of the game remains perceptible.

Evolution Gaming has outdone itself with this title, as players will be able to see Mr. Monopoly move freely in a world that is as real as possible. Throughout the game, as the host spins the wheel, you can see Mr. Monopoly sometimes reading the newspaper, sometimes drinking coffee, etc.

The wheel is the main element from which the games of Monopoly Live will flow. It is made up of different sections and is operated by a live host who is made of flesh and blood. Even if at the very beginning everything leads you to believe that Monopoly Live is nothing more than a more advanced variant of the Wheel of Fortune, you will quickly realise, throughout the games, that this is not the case. To better understand this, simply read on to discover the rules that apply to Monopoly Live.

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